Which City .icu Names Are Still Available?

Tell the World What You Do Using an Industry .icu Domain!

We did an analysis of the largest 50 cities in the world to see which ones were still available for registration. Did you know that 37 of the top 50 are still there for the taking?

Below you will see a table with the largest cities and if the corresponding .icu name is available. These results are accurate as of June 19th 2018.

In order to search for one of these cities .icu you can use the search on https://nic.icu and you’ll be directed to a list of registrars or you can visit your preferred registrar and search there. It is also worth noting that some of these are ‘Premium Domain Names’ this means that for the first year when you initially register a Premium Name, there is a higher than normal registration price. However, with .icu names that higher price is only on the first year of registration, each additional year of renewal will be at standard prices.

One of these names would be perfect if you are a startup or are blogging about food, hotels, entertainment or other local happenings in one of these cities. We would love to see what you can do with one of these available names!


Happy Hunting!

[table id=13 /]