Starting Up? Avail Amazing Benefits
With ShortDot’s Accelerator Program!

What Is The ShortDot Accelerator Program?

ShortDot’s Accelerator Program is designed to provide a wide range of marketing and online infrastructure support to early-stage startups, website designers and developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, bloggers, thinkers, and do-ers.

Any new business or individual using or choosing to switch to the following new top-level domains are eligible to participate in ShortDot’s Accelerator Program:

Accelerator 6
Accelerator 7

Why Are We Doing This?

We want to offer up and coming businesses and professionals the chance to build an intuitive website with a memorable domain name. The website can be related to your business,
portfolio of work, or your client’s business.

Whether you’re a solopreneur building a new website or a business owner planning to revamp your existing online presence, we want to support your entrepreneurial journey by offering the right kind of support and marketing push.

How Will The ShortDot
Accelerator Program Help You?

Here’s what’s on offer:

Accelerator 8

A free domain name on any of our extensions for 10 years.

Accelerator 9

Free hosting packages.

Accelerator 10

Paid influencer shout outs on social media at no cost to you (1 graphic)

Accelerator 11

Paid social media shout outs from our social media handles at no cost to you

Accelerator 12

1 Interview blog post on the ShortDot Blog

Accelerator 13

1 Free logo design

Accelerator 14

Website development assistance from an experienced developer

Accelerator 15

Website design assistance from a seasoned designer

Accelerator 16

SEO education from industry experts

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