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Leadership Team

About ShortDot 1
Lars Jensen

Lars is the Founder, CEO and a board member. Prior to ShortDot Lars was the Founder and CEO of ToWeb, and the COO at Ascio.

About ShortDot 2
Kevin Kopas

Kevin is the Co-Founder and COO of Shortdot. Previously Kevin was the APAC Channel Manager at PIR (.org) and managed the Americas for Radix.

About ShortDot 3
Michael Riedl

Michael is the Chairman of the board and a Co-Founder at ShortDot. He is also the CFO of CentralNic, a staple in the domain industry that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

About ShortDot 4
Christian Tecar

Christian is a Co-Founder and a a member of the board at ShortDot. He is also the CEO of GlobeHosting, a leader in the SSL industry.

About ShortDot 5
Eshan Pancholi

Eshan is the Director Of Marketing & Brand Strategy at ShortDot. Prior to ShortDot, Eshan lead content and influencer marketing at Radix and was spearheading marketing for Prisma AI.

About Shortdot

Shortdot owns and operates five New Top-Level Domain Extensions: .icu, .bond, .cyou, .cfd and .sbs.

ShortDot’s mission is to operate the World’s best domain registry and to help registrars and resellers successfully operate and market their domain extensions. ShortDot’s unwavering focus is to own and operate short domain extensions, ensure simplicity in operations, build technical excellence, and offer flexibility and a close working relationship with key stakeholders.

ShortDot is currently the 4th largest New Top-Level Domain Registry on the planet. Spearheaded by domain industry veterans with over 60 years of combined experience, ShortDot is based in Luxembourg and founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Lars Jensen, Kevin Kopas, Michael Riedl, and Christian Tecar.

ShortDot retails .icu, .bond, and .cyou in Mainland China, having received all the necessary licenses and approvals from the Government.

ShortDot’s in-house state-of-the-art domain blocking platform, ShortBlock is designed to protect and secure trademarks and online