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Do you have a smart, memorable, and meaningful domain name in mind? Well, now you can trademark your domain name and make it your official brand identity! The US Supreme Court recently passed an unusual ruling deciding that “” is eligible for a federal trademark.

Why is this unusual? Because the trademark law prohibits any company or brand or individual to claim ownership of generic words or terms that describe a specific class of products by registering them under the trademark law.

Simply put, words like ‘cars’, ‘computers, ‘shoes’, or other generic words cannot be registered as trademarks as that would give an unfair advantage to that particular company over its competitors. For instance, anyone can name their shoe store brand “The Shoe Store,” but they can’t use the trademark law to register that name and stop others from adopting the same identity.

The same rule was applied almost a decade ago when online travel giant Bookings Holdings sought to trademark its domain. This time though, Booking Holdings challenged the court’s decision by proving that consumers associate the phrase “” with a specific website as opposed to a generic term for travel websites.

This opinion was furthered by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (and joined by seven other justices) who stated that travel companies like Expedia might describe themselves as “a booking website,” but not as “a”’s lawyer David Bernstein said the decision was “a victory for countless brand owners that have invested significant resources in building their brands – such as,,, and”

Why You Should Choose To Trademark Your .bond Domain Name?

The ‘’ judgment is a clear indication that meaningful domain names are brand assets and should be chosen wisely. However, acquiring meaningful domain names on conventional domain extensions like .com or .net can be challenging given the sheer volume of registrations that have already been made.

Fortunately, new domain extensions like .bond offer contextual relevance and wide availability of desirable names. The .bond domain extension is perfect for finance brands and professionals looking to build a memorable and formidable online presence.

For instance, a domain name like can be trademarked and used as your brand identity across platforms. Some amazing .bond domain names that have been registered include,,, and among others.

Here are three reasons why you should choose to trademark your domain name:

1. Names with .bond are short and easy to remember

.bond is a short domain extension which makes for an easy to remember choice to pair your brand name with. Being a relatively new domain extension, there is a wide availability of meaningful and memorable names with .bond.

2. Names with .bond are distinctive and unique

.bond is a distinctive and unique domain extension that adds flair and flamboyance to otherwise uninteresting finance website addresses and brand monikers. This is augmented by the fact that the word ‘bond’ is universally associated with authority, panache, and fiscal solutions.

3. Names with .bond are premium and professional

Anyone who comes across your .bond domain name will know right from the get-go that they are interacting with an expert. Using a .bond domain name sends strong and positive connotations to your visitors and reinforces the benefits clients will receive when working with your firm.

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name Worthy Of A Trademark?

In addition to choosing a meaningful name with a distinctive .bond domain extension, here are five handy tips to keep in mind when registering a domain name worthy of a trademark:


1. Choose a name that is short, easy to type, easy to spell, and easy to remember so that it gets imprinted in the minds of everyone who comes across it.

2. Pick a name that is meaningful, contextual, definitive, and one that meets SEO requirements and also passes the radio test.

3. Your domain name should be relevant and descriptive of what you do, which industry you belong to, and the nature of your brand.

4. Select a moniker that is unique, creative, innovative, and one that makes a lasting first impression.

5. Keep your domain name clean, crisp, and free of hyphens, misspellings, numbers, special characters, copyright issues.

Trademark Your Domain Name Today!

The ‘’ judgment certainly makes it easier for brands and businesses to trademark generic terms with a domain extension. For newer brands and businesses, this verdict serves as a great opportunity to trademark generic terms with meaningful new domain extensions like .bond. For instance, names like,,,, to name a few, are available for registrations.

Want to trademark your domain name? First, head over to the homepage to search for and register the perfect .bond name today!