ShortDot Launches Global Domain Registry Service

Global Domain Registry Service

As a domain registry that owns and operates five new top-level domain extensions, we know how much fun it is managing and marketing them and building them into formidable and sustainable online brands. However, we are also aware of the challenges of owning and operating domain extensions and turning them into profitable and successful ventures.

Many domain registries and domain extension custodians find it difficult to maintain and track an extension. How to launch an extension? Which domains need better brand awareness? Which domains suffer low renewal? Which extensions can be used to establish a strong online presence? How to retail extensions in Mainland China? Which back-end provider is best? How to manage multiple promos? The list of operational challenges goes on.

To help you tackle this problem, ShortDot has introduced one of the industry’s most scalable, reliable, secure, and completely flexible global domain registry services. If you are looking for an efficient solution to manage your portfolio of extensions better, launch a new domain extension, or improve your current extensions, you should consider opting for ShortDot’s Global Domain Registry Service.

What Is ShortDot’s Global Domain Registry Service?

ShortDot is currently the 4th largest new domains registry with 5 leading new domain extensions under its belt viz .icu, .bond, .cyou, .cfd, and .sbs. Combining our industry experience as a top New Domains Registry with the proficiency of our founders and team’s domain expertise, we offer highly-sophisticated and innovative registry services covering a wide range of functions and capabilities essential to any domain registry’s smooth and efficient operation. 

Why Should Domainers Choose ShortDot’s Global Domain Registry Service?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use ShortDot’s Registry Services:

1. Get Access To Leading Distribution Channels

More than 200 ICANN-accredited registrars sell ShortDot extensions to over 50,000 resellers worldwide. ShortDot will assist you in gaining access to one of the world’s largest distribution networks of worldwide registrars and resellers, allowing you to reach millions of registrants and domain investors. ShortDot will also help you launch and retail your domain extensions in Mainland China by obtaining essential government licenses and approvals.

2. Provides Scalable And Effective Marketing Matrix

ShortDot’s Registry Services provide access to a simple yet scalable marketing matrix that has increased brand recognition and registrations. ShortDot specializes in introducing new domain extensions and transforming them into reliable, fast-growing, and successful online brands.

3. Access To ShortDot’s In-House Domain Blocking Tool

ShortDot’s Registry Services also provide you with access to ShortBlock, our in-house cutting-edge domain blocking solution that protects and secures trademarks and online identities across all our extensions. Registrars and their clients can protect trademarks against income and reputation damage on our extensions with a single transaction.

4. Simple Registry Operations

ShortDot manages its portfolio of over 2.2 million domains from 80 countries by collaborating with some of the world’s biggest backend providers. ShortDot will enable you to utilise a simple, reliable, and secure registry services backend platform for domain operations. ShortDot employs a highly efficient DNS system and premium structure strategy. ShortDot also uses industry-leading security measures to protect against attacks and abuse.

5. Get Help From A Global Team Of Industry Experts

ShortDot has a local presence in Europe, the United States, India, and China. ShortDot is headquartered in Luxembourg and employs a global team of domain industry specialists.

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