Recent .icu Registration Trends

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.icu has been growing quickly in the past couple of weeks. We took a deep dive into the numbers so that we could better understand where this completely organic growth was coming from and if there was anything we could learn from it.

.icu currently has more than 280k registrations from 55 registrars in more than 100 countries around the globe. Recently we have seen large orders coming in for LLLL, LLL, NNN, and NNNN .icu domains. We assume this is from the domain investor community but because of WHOIS privacy and GDPR it is impossible to be sure.

By the numbers (accurate as of 12/31/2018):

[table id=24 /]

As you can see there are quite a few possibilities left if you are looking to register any of the above combinations. As a registry, we look at numbers for registrations like these because they are a good indicator of how different customer segments are accepting a new domain extension like .icu. We are just under seven months old and, based on the above numbers, are seeing quite a bit of interest from domain investors.