3 Reasons To Register Your Perfect Domain Name With .cyou

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Let’s face it, the key to winning at online branding is to pick an identity that is memorable and meaningful. This starts with choosing the right domain name.

What you ideally need is a smart, slick name on a cool new domain extension that catches the attention of anyone who comes across it. And the best way to do that is to pick the name of your choice with a cool new .cyou domain extension.

With most brands, businesses, and individuals settling for weird or awkward domain names that lack context, a name on a fresh new domain extension like .cyou can do wonders for building your brand on the Internet.

What Is .cyou?

.cyou, short for ‘See You’, is an uber-cool new domain extension from the house of ShortDot crafted for savvy individuals, Generation Z, and innovative brands. The .cyou domain extension is perfect for today’s digital natives who embrace modern social media and for those who are changing the rules with their innovative work-ethics.

When Will .cyou Launch?

While .cyou’s Sunrise Period for trademark holders is going strong since May 14th, the .cyou domain will be launched for the general public from June 16th, 2020 preceded by a seven-day Early Access Program.

The .cyou domain extension will be available with most leading registrars.

Key points

  • .cyou is an open extension without any registration requirements.
  • Sunrise Period begins on May 14th and ends on June 15th, 2020 (UTC 1400).
  • Early Access Program starts on June 16th and will last until June 23rd (UTC 1400)
  • General Availability beings on June 16th, 2020 (UTC 1400)

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Who Is .cyou For?

The .cyou domain is cleverly positioned as a unique new domain extension for today’s generation of creative individuals and innovative brands looking to build a strong online presence. The .cyou domain extension is also well-suited for businesses looking to reinvent themselves and appeal to younger audience groups.

With .cyou, creative individuals of Gen Z have the chance to sport highly brandable identities that will help them build a strong personal brand and to monetize their talents. The agnostic nature of .cyou means any brand or individual from any industry in any part of the world can use it to denote their online presence.

5 Best Practices To Find The Perfect Domain Name

Before you begin brainstorming and hunting for the perfect .cyou name, it is essential to first understand the prerequisites of a perfect domain name. Simply put, your domain name needs to represent what you do and what your website or brand is about.

Added to that, your domain name should also be one that stands out and gets etched in the minds of anyone who comes across it.

Here are 5 best practices to find a great domain name. Find a name that is:

1. Short, easy to type, easy to spell, and easy to remember so that it gets imprinted in the minds of people

2. Meaningful, contextual, and definitive to meet SEO requirements and to pass the radio test

3. Relevant and descriptive of what you do, which industry you belong to, and the nature of your brand

4. Unique, creative, and innovative in nature to ensure it makes a great first impression

5. Clean, crisp, and free of hyphens, misspellings, numbers, special characters, copyright issues

3 Reasons To Choose A Domain Name With .cyou

There are several benefits of choosing an identity with a fresh new .cyou domain extension. Here are three reasons why you should consider picking a name with the .cyou domain extension.

1. Wide Availability Of Names

Being a brand new domain extension .cyou offers a fresh pool of available words and names that are not easily available with any other domain extension. The probability of finding the name of your choice or an exact match brand name with .cyou is very high.

2. Meaningful And Memorable Names

The easy availability of names with .cyou means you have the option to register truly meaningful, contextually-rich keywords and names that make for memorable identities.

3. Easy To Build A Strong Brand With

The easy availability of meaningful and memorable identities, that are keyword-rich and contextually relevant, makes the .cyou domain extension a brilliant choice to build a strong brand with.

With .cyou, you don’t have to compromise on your domain name by settling for something that isn’t your first choice.

How To Name Your Website With .cyou

Here are a few effective ways to pick a smart name with the .cyou domain extension:

  • BusinessName.cyou (e.g. www.watchfinder.cyou)
  • BrandName.cyou (e.g. www.jumper.cyou)
  • IndustryNiche.cyou (e.g. www.winterwear.cyou)
  • ProductName.cyou (e.g. www.crewneck.cyou)
  • ServiceName.cyou (e.g. www.homedelivery.cyou)
  • Product+Geo.cyou (e.g. www.londonshirts.cyou)
  • MarketingMessage.cyou (e.g. www.buysmart.cyou)
  • Catchphrase.cyou (e.g. www.seeyouwhenwe.cyou)
  • FirstName.cyou (e.g. www.brad.cyou)
  • FullName.cyou (e.g. www.charliebrown.cyou)

In Conclusion

If you’ve been waiting to register a meaningful and memorable name with a relevant new domain extension, then the .cyou domain is definitely one to consider. Whether you want to reach new audiences or build your brand from scratch, the .cyou domain will help you unlock a world of marketing opportunities.

Search for and register your .cyou domain name today!