An Interview With Joel Dalais, Founder,

MetaNet is a membership club that brings people together to teach them the intricate details revolving around the world of bitcoin whilst setting strict rules against trolling and harassment.

We spoke with the founder of, Joel Dalais about the story of the business and its future plans.

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Q.1 What is the story behind What led to the inception of the business?


Joel Dalais

MetaNet ICU came about from needing to provide a place for communication and networking. Those interested in building on bitcoin using the original vision were being drowned out on other social media by people who were not interested, nor understood, with what we were building.

So we decided to build an exclusive membership club with set rules against harassment and trolling, whilst at the same time teaching people about the more intricate parts of bitcoin and what was possible.


Q.2 What are your thoughts on businesses having a strong online presence? Do you think it’s important? If yes, why?

As we are primarily a global online membership club, a strong online presence is especially important for us. Using specialized software and bitcoin as our payment system has enabled us to accept members globally, whereas normally an exchange rate fee or lack of bank access would exclude some members, these are barriers we have been able to break down.

 In a growing interconnected world, it is important to have an online presence. As well as for inclusion to gain new members it allows us to reach and to teach to a wider, global, audience.

Q.3 What made you choose a .icu name for your business? How did it help you to create a strong brand and website? What do you think of new domain extensions?

Ironically, we decided upon .icu at a somewhat troublesome time for the bitcoin industry, and many people mistakenly thought it stood for ‘intensive care unit’. Though sometimes I joke that it stands for ‘International Craig University’ (Craig being one of our key members who often teaches things via the club). The truth is that its literal meaning ‘I See You’, or ‘Now I See You’, was perfect for the name and mission of the membership club.

The MetaNet is a large part of the original goal of Bitcoin, to create a new type of internet and transactional layer. Here it is open and transparent whilst retaining privacy. It creates a preventative measure against crime, where the cost of committing a crime becomes heavier than the reward. For when used properly, criminal transactions can be traced, and even reversed (with court orders). So even if a criminal commits a crime and does time, they won’t be able to use what they have stolen as it would be traced and reclaimed.

Partially taken from ancient Greek, and it can be understood from its contemporary English definition;

Meta –  a self-referential term, something beyond or transcending, defining the new internet (MetaNet), automation, IoT, and beyond.

Net – self-explanatory.

ICU – literally, I see you.

As the blockchain is a transparent global ledger, which provides privacy, but with traceable transactions, and contrary to popular belief, is reversible. An anti-corruption, anti-crime tool that will enhance those working fairly and honestly. Hence, MetaNet-I-See-You.

Q.4 What are your best marketing strategies for building a brand around your business online?

Using advanced features that most are unaware of, partnering with businesses that are leagues ahead, and being brave in taking bold new steps. We pass on our partnership deals to our members so that they can enjoy the benefits and we encourage our members to start or grow businesses by tapping into the technology and either expanding their current models or developing new cost-efficient & thus more profitable techniques to boost their businesses. We see our members as an integral part of succeeding.

 Q.5 What are your future plans for

To help establish more university degrees globally, to grow in every country, and to continue to teach our members and those that are connected to how a less corrupt society enriches everyone.