The Importance Of New Domain Extensions With Valeria Tokareva From Namecheap

Importance Of New Domain Extensions

The world of domains is fascinating! We love speaking to the people that make the domain industry special.

We recently talked with Valeria Tokareva, Business Development Manager at Namecheap, to share her views on the importance of new domain extensions, domain security, net neutrality, and NFTs. Here’s everything she had to say about the topics.

Q 1. What are your goals and objectives for driving Namecheap as a leading domain registrar as a business development manager?

One of Namecheap’s core values is to always put our customers first. We all unite our efforts to serve this purpose. My task as Business Development Manager is to develop and keep up the relationship between Namecheap, our Registry Partners, and our customers. As a result of thoughtful Registrar-Registry collaboration, our users can benefit from better pricing, marketing campaigns, and other activities.

Q 2. What are your thoughts on the importance of new domain extensions?

The world is constantly changing, and consumers nowadays are familiar with the variety of options in domain extensions. I think the new gTLDs give businesses and startups more opportunities to find their perfect domain name. It can be the first step to success. Having a catchy and attractive domain name will definitely pay off at some stage. 

Our task at Namecheap is to unlock new domain extensions’ potential, make them valuable to users, and grow them exponentially.

Q 3. DNS abuse has become a rising concern these days. What measures does Namecheap take for domain security?

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the abuse rate has increased significantly, and that’s when we had to completely change how we addressed abuse on our platform. 

Our technical systems and daily workflow are regularly analyzed, improved, and supported with even more financial investment in our team and tools to deter bad actors away from our platform.

A big part of our effort is focused on ongoing abusive patterns matching keywords expansion, as this helps to prevent abusive registrations.

To be efficient in preventing and fighting abuse, we need to be more creative than fraudsters. That is why we are always thinking of ways to add to our existing anti-abuse effort. We handle abuse reports from Twitter, use API systems dedicated to phishing reports from trusted providers, and constantly optimize our process to prevent abuse and, at the same time, not to make things harder for our loyal customers.

Q 4. Namecheap is a proud advocate of net neutrality. Why do you think net neutrality is important in today’s digital world?

Namecheap’s always been a supporter of free and open internet. It’s just part of who we are as a company. We believe that net neutrality is one important way to ensure freedom of speech and other irrevocable rights continue to exist on the internet. Large corporations should be supportive and protective in this respect.

Q 5. There are talks about NFTs and Metaverse becoming the future of the web. What are your thoughts about it?

It is definitely something exciting. 

History goes around in circles, and new inventions or technologies often develop into much broader use. For instance, NFTs might grow beyond art and collections and become a more diversified financial asset, especially since Facebook and Instagram started supporting them recently. 

Just like NFTs, I definitely think that with the growing number of available domain extensions, domain names are becoming a much more valuable asset than just a website address. I’m sure there will soon be more than using your domain name for your email, cloud services, or social media forwarding. So, be creative and grab your perfect domain name before someone else does. 

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The Importance Of New Domain Extensions With Valeria Tokareva From Namecheap 1

Valeria Tokareva is Business Development Manager, Domains at Namecheap. With a degree in International Economic Relations, Valeria joined the exciting world of domains back in 2019 and spent 12 years working in the customer software development field prior to that.