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.icu is the perfect domain extension for businesses, brands, individuals, and not for profit organizations looking to build a memorable and distinctive online presence.

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Who Is .icu For?

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Smartly positioned as a distinctive three-letter domain extension, .icu is truly generic in nature. This makes .icu perfect for any business, brand, individual, and institution looking to establish a memorable and brandable identity on the Internet.

.icu is intended to be an agnostic domain extension that is free of any usage limitations. Any organisation or individual from any industry vertical from any part of the world can use .icu to denote their presence on the Internet.

The .icu domain is well-suited for forward-thinking organisations seeking a unique and meaningful domain name; one that matches their brand name and captures the essence of what their business represents.

What Makes .icu Unique?

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It’s Short

.icu is a short and easy to remember three-letter domain extension. Pair your slick brand name with .icu for better brandability.

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It’s Distinctive

.icu is a distinctive and unique domain extension that adds flair to otherwise run-of-the-mill online identities.

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It’s Universal

The .icu domain is free of usage restrictions since it is agnostic of industry, language, and geography.

Who’s Buying .icu?

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Registrar Centre

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