.cyou Is Launching For Trademark Holders!


The Internet is home to millions of unique domain names. However, it’s not every day that trademark holders get access to register their rights on a cool new domain extension. .cyou is one of the newest domain extensions on the market and is launching exclusively for trademark holders. Beginning May 14th, if you own a registered trademark, you’ll have first access to make sure your mark is secured in this new, innovative domain extension.

What Is Sunrise?

The Sunrise Period is part of the launch cycle of new domain extensions when individuals and companies that have registered trademarks can secure their marks. This period for .cyou will last 30 days and is considered a ‘Start-Date’ Sunrise. This means that as soon as a name is registered, it is allocated to the registrant and available for use.

.cyou Sunrise Is Coming Soon!

.cyou, short for ‘See You’, is the newest domain extension on the market. Deemed as the perfect domain extension for today’s generation of creative thinkers, innovative brands, and new-age entrepreneurs, .cyou’s Sunrise Period begins on May 14th, 2020 for trademark holders followed by a June 16th, 2020 launch into General Availability.

Why Trademark Holders Should Register A .cyou Domain During The Sunrise Period

  • Protecting your trademark early on is the best way to make sure you own your brand!
  • Brands and influencers can register their trademarks on .cyou to be used as short, memorable domains for their website, landing pages, and social media short links.
  • Registering trademarks on a new-age domain extension like .cyou will help brands and businesses connect with GenZ!
  • ShortDot, the registry behind .cyou, invests significant resources in its extensions. This helps registrants build a formidable brand around ShortDot extensions, and .cyou will be no different. Trademark holders will benefit in the long run.

Who Is .cyou for?

The .cyou domain extension is perfect for creative individuals, social media influencers, and new-age entrepreneurs who want to showcase and monetize their ideas, talent, and passion on the Internet.

The .cyou domain extension is also well-suited for innovative brands that embrace modern social media and want to scale their efforts to reach younger audiences.

With a focus on empowering Gen Z and modern businesses that want to appeal to them, .cyou is for any individual or company that shares the ethical values of diversity, inclusivity, and independence.

What Makes .cyou Unique?

1. Memorability

The .cyou domain extension offers a simple yet modern twist, along with being short and easy to remember.

2. Agnostic

The .cyou domain extension is independent of geography, industry, and language. This means there are no usage limitations, and anyone can use .cyou to denote their presence on the Internet.

3. Innovative

Using a new domain extension that is easy to remember, agnostic, and one that offers a modern flavor shows that your brand is innovative and ‘with it.’

4. Smart

The .cyou domain extension is a smart abbreviation to the phrase ‘See You’. .cyou is the perfect extension to reach today’s true digital natives.

5. Brandable

Being a smart domain extension that is memorable, innovative, and free of restriction makes .cyou a supremely brandable choice.

In Conclusion

The .cyou domain extension is an attractive choice for any individual or business in pursuit of establishing a brandable online presence. Trademark holders should make the most of .cyou’s Sunrise period and register their trademarks before the domain extension is made available to the general public.