ShortDot Spring Renewal & Premium Promo

  Please use our interactive form to browse and select your promotional pricing for .icu, .bond, .cyou, .cfd and .sbs. This renewal and premium promo will be active from April 1st to June 30th, 2023, at 1400 UTC. The Premium Name discount will be reflected via the EPP system, while the renewal rebate will be rebated at the end of each month via your CentralNic invoice. 
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Please note that this promo is a rebate. ShortDot will analyze your registrars registrations on a monthly basis and rebate the amount due for the previous period on your CentralNic invoice. This promo is valid for both Premium Names and Standard Names. All renewals must be for a term of nine years.

We'll apply the promo to this IANA ID. If you are enrolling on behalf of multiple registrars please enter each IANA ID, separated by a comma.
Terms and Conditions

This Promotional Price applies to the first-year registration of premium priced names and/or nine-year renewals of premium or standard priced names.

The Promotional Price is only available to Registrars that have enrolled in the Promo.

If Registrar has not enrolled in the Promo normal wholesale pricing will be in effect.

1400 (2:00pm) UTC applies to all start and end dates referenced in this document.

This Promo and its details are confidential and meant only for Registrars accredited by ShortDot.

Registrars can enroll in the Promo anytime before or during the Term. If a Registrar enrolls in the Promo before the Term the Promotional Price will take effect once the Term begins. If a Registrar enrolls in the Promo after the Term begins registrations after the Enrollment Date will be at the Promotional Price, registrations between the beginning of the Term and the Registrar’s Enrollment date will not be discounted or rebated to the Promotional Price.

During the Term if a Registrar is found to be in violation of any of terms and conditions ShortDot reserves the right to terminate the Promo at any time.

All domains registered are subject to ShortDot’s Terms and Conditions for Domain Registration (https://shortdot.bond/terms-and-conditions-for-domain-registration/)